write-for-usAre you a Practitioner? Coach? Author or expert in your field of wellness, if so – we want to work with you and welcome your expertise! We hope to grow our community of experts to ensure we are always able to provide credible, instant wellness content. Through writing for ALT/HEALTHY you can share you work, knowledge and experts skills with ur audience, helping us spread our TOTAL WELLNESS message. Our in house editorial team will work with you to ensure your work is in line with our ethos, tone and personality hear at ALT. 

As part of the ALT/EXPERT team we will ensure that all your work is linked back to you, your practice and your relevant links handle and sites to ensure we promote the great work you are doing in the field. Our sole aim is to ensure we are a hub of credible experts and help those with a qualification have a voice. 


We cover mind, body, movement, spirit, health, relationships, beauty, style and travel. Before submitting any content – please familiarise yourself with our tone of voice and the typical content titles we cover. 

  • Write about what you know – if you are doing incredible work in your area of expertise , we want to hear about it!
  • Ensure your work is supported with credible sources if you are making health claims. 
  • Be ahead of the trends, ignore the fads and be original with your work. 
  • We require a minimum of 1x post per month from all contributors
  • Note that all of our articles feature a punchy title and a 3 – 4 sentence paragraph intro. 


Please submit your work to admin@alternativelyhealthy.co.uk. 

Please put the title of your article in the subject and the full body of the article in the email ( not attached as a doc ). We try to look at everything we receive, however we are a small team so will get back to you when we can. 

Along with your email, please send your full bio, image and all relevant links, social handles and contact details. 

As we are so passionate about the credibility and ethos of our site, please be aware that in order to be an ALT/EXPERT you will need to be qualified in your area of expertise. If you are an avid writer and have a experience writing in the wellness industry then please do get in contact as we are looking for people to help with our product/cafe/class review style pieces, however contributors will need to be qualified in their skill set. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Team ALT/