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The quest to heal her body from food intolerances, hormone imbalances + IBS, led marketing & advertising communications creative, qualified personal trainer and wellness coach + speaker, Becki Rabin to launch ALTERNATIVELY/HEALTHY in 2015. Her 8+ year’s experience in the publishing industry had inspired + driven her to change the way we consume wellness content.

Having spent her whole childhood battling food intolerances, IBS and extreme sensitivities + allergies, Becki was forced to look into alternative health methods to heal her body. From researching food alternatives to seeking out alternative therapies such as acupuncture and Reiki, Becki became accustomed to the holistic lifestyle from a young age.

As a gymnast and cheerleader at national levels, sport was a big part of Becki’s life from the age of two. Her food was her fuel; her body was her tool. Her passion for sport and a healthy lifestyle led her to start her blog in a bid to share what she was learning with others.

Moving on to get her personal training qualification whilst working full time as an advertising manager at Hearst Magazines UK-working across some of the world’s most iconic print brands such as ELLE UK, HAPRER’S Bazaar, Cosmo and Womens’s Health – Becki saw the wellness industry from all its faces. Her 7 Years at Hearst helped her see a distinct gap in the market for a credible wellness magazine written by experts, with her position as one of the industry’s elite wellness coaches informing her of the work that needed to be done in the industry.

“We have more access to health content than ever before, yet we are more disconnected from our health and more confused than eve before due to the sheer amount of wellness content available to us”

Today, as a wellness coach, speaker, PT, Founder of ALT/ and co-founder of London’s first brand influencer agency, Two Influence, Becki Rabin has firmly cemented herself as one of the health + wellbeing industry’s elite. Her credible reputation + expertise as a health coach has seen her take on a series of partnerships and ambassador roles, host workout classes of all shapes + sizes for multiple renowned brands such as PUMA, Adidas + Lorna Jane, as well as take the stage to host talks at festivals, events and at her own sell-out workshops. 

Becki’s holistic approach to living is reflected in her role as a PT to celebrities like Tiffany Watson and industry-leading health and fitness influencers. She is committed to changing the way girls view exercise by teaching them to simultaneously build strength in both body + mind, and learn to move their bodies from a place of love rather than hate, pressure, guilt or rush. Championing accomplishments over aesthetics, she has gone on to help her clients overcome barriers both inside + outside the gym.  She has also hosted workout classes of all shapes + sizes for multiple renowned brands, whilst also recently launching her own class method, ‘ ALT/ by Becki Rabin’, a unique, 50-minute blend of meditation, strength, Pilates + yoga, simultaneously training the body + the brain to bring them in perfect alignment and connectedness. 

“In my experience as a PT it was becoming increasingly apparent that our minds are more

disconnected from our bodies than ever. Our generation of women have little or no love for their bodies and are thus working out with the completely wrong mindset. There is an epidemic of heading to the gym with a ‘must squeeze this in, otherwise I will feel guilty’ mindset rather than moving out of the pure love and respect for their body. We are riddled with anxiety, lack of self-love and pressure to always look our best rather than feel our best.”

Becki’s recently launched sell-out intimate wellness workshop series delves into anything and everything spanning, from building confidence, mastering your relationship with exercise, boosting self-love + shushing your inner-critic- all with a view to shaping the healthiest + happiest version of you. Believing that the most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves, Becki’s vision is to totally transform the content shaping the wellness landscape. Only in this way does she believe we can we truly heal our relationships with our health + pave our journeys to the ultimate goal: self-love.

To work with Becki Personally please email becki@alternativelyhealthy.co.uk

Favourite Food: banana, cinnamon, peanut butter (all together) 

Obsessed with: Cats and Instagram 

Quote: Do something everyday that scares you


Instagram: @beckirabin